Kenya Orders Arrest Of 4 Shabaab Operatives In Border Region

Kenya on Monday ordered the arrest of four Kenyan Al-Shabaab operatives in northeast region and charges if they failed to surrender within the next few days.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner Mohamud Saleh who revealed names of the four Al-Shabaab operatives in Wajir and Mandera counties directed the security team to ensure the suspects are immediately arrested if they fail to surrender.

“These people must be captured or they must surrender. If it fails we shall carry out a controlled operation,” Saleh told security committee teams in Wajir town.

He said the details of their family members including their parents will be released to the security teams in the two counties.

He said the operatives have been tasked with paralyzing transport within the main supply route of Wajir and Elwak in Mandera County, destroy communication facilities by targeting mobile phones masts.


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