United Nations World Food Programme in a span of five Months to Bring the Malnutrition Problem

A total of $272 million is needed by the United Nations World Food Programme in a span of five months to bring the malnutrition problem that has taken over drought-hit Somalia under control.

The UNWFP headquarters in Dubai is sending over 47 metric tonnes of high energy biscuits and medical equipment to parts of Somalia, where more than 100 people have literally starved to death.

Stefano Peveri, senior logistics officer at the UNWFP’s UN Humanitarian Response Depot, said that Somalia has 12.5 million habitants, out of which 6.5 million are considered food insecure and 3.5 million people do not have access to the minimum food intake.

Peveri said that crops are not growing anywhere in Somalia and there is a high risk of chronic starvation among the people in the country.

Since March 2017, more than 100,000 drought-displaced people have arrived in the region’s capital, Baidoa, from neighbouring areas, according to the Protection and Return Monitoring Network.

He said: “The situation in Somalia is getting worse and worse because of the drought. The problem is affecting southern and eastern Africa,” Peveri said.

“We are airlifting 47 metric tonnes of high energy biscuits to Mogadishu. Some of the biscuits will stay there and the rest will be distributed to the beneficiaries who are on the move and have registered with.”

Peveri said that the UNWFP has introduced a biometric registration process in these areas to help with accountability for donors, prevent duplicate transactions from people who are receiving the food and keep track on how many people are being assisted.

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